Senior backend Groovy on Grails / Java Developer

Senior backend Groovy on Grails / Java Developer

May 2018 - Sep 2021

  • End to end contribution to 3 upfront company websites (digital automotive field) in the form of
    • Apis exposing car data to wordpress layer (4K vehicles extracted daily from Jato database)
    • Chatbot finite state machine to spare the user from compiling the online form. Integration with Google language model to detect typos
    • Real time data analysis and alerting: immediate check of third party lead quality to guide interactions with suppliers
    • A single website estimate throughput is about 10K processed entries per month.
  • Dockerization of a legacy application to cope with obsolete dependencies. Removed manual deploy and created always synced pre-production environment
  • Constant interaction with devops for AWS application migrations on Kubernetes
  • Gave a speech to the whole company a lead ingestion project in terms of design and impact on customer
  • Lectured the developer team on how to use Streams in Java 8 in undergoing projects
Senior Java backend web developer | Unicredit | SGSS Italia

Senior Java backend web developer | Unicredit | SGSS Italia

Feb 2011 - May 2018

  • End to end support for 10+ Rich Internet Applications and required common libraries in the finance field with tracking and reporting goals.
  • Integrated some of the tools with Big Data analysis softwares such as Splunk, connected with external layers such as mainframes or standard message driven middlewares (SWIFT protocol), and parallel calculus platforms.
  • Created a new SOAP microservice used to send all outgoing technical emails from the tools (order of magnitude: thousands / month). Gave a presentation of the tool to the dev team
  • Supervised the whole deploy cycle (both on site or on abroad IT infrastructure),
  • Scrum master in an international team, located across Italy and India
  • Mediated between business analysts, application management staff, and customer support.
  • Aided in candidate screening and technical interviews (100+) for clients pertaining to the business unit
  • Mentored younger colleagues