Senior backend Groovy on Grails / Java Developer

Senior backend Groovy on Grails / Java Developer

May 2018 - Sep 2021

  • End to end contribution to 3 upfront company websites (digital automotive field) in the form of
    • Apis exposing car data to wordpress layer (4K vehicles extracted daily from Jato database)
    • Chatbot finite state machine to spare the user from compiling the online form. Integration with Google language model to detect typos
    • Real time data analysis and alerting: immediate check of third party lead quality to guide interactions with suppliers
    • A single website estimate throughput is about 10K processed entries per month.
  • Dockerization of a legacy application to cope with obsolete dependencies. Removed manual deploy and created always synced pre-production environment
  • Constant interaction with devops for AWS application migrations on Kubernetes
  • Gave a speech to the whole company a lead ingestion project in terms of design and impact on customer
  • Lectured the developer team on how to use Streams in Java 8 in undergoing projects

Senior backend Groovy on Grails / Java Developer


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