AI to revamp your resume: is it a paid tool worth?

AI to revamp your resume: is it a paid tool worth?


After reading a Linkedin Top Voice post, I got curious about her suggestion of using an AI tool to help revamping the resume. The website is called
The website offers three main services:

  • Resume check - It analyzes the CV and produces a score and recommendations about it
  • LinkedIn profile check - Same as the resume, but with the LinkedIn profile
  • Resume targeting - Given a job description, it tells how far the resume is from it

This post is about my experience with it.

Free vs. paid versions

For each voice, there is a free and a paid version. The former offers the most basic checks, while the latter dives a lot deeper in the analysis.
I first played aroud with the free offer, and then decided to buy a one month subscription for the full version, to give it a proper try (full details on costs in the conclusions).

Check deep dive

Let’s dive into all the available checks.
If you’re interested in the conclusions you can skip this section, but you’ll miss all the differences between paid and free version. In order to give an order of magnitude, I’ve hid the paid checks behind a clickable dropdown.

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Welcome to (yet) another dev blog

Welcome to (yet) another dev blog


This site is intended as a repository of dev attempts, mainly dedicated to aws. Please enjoy the journey!


The blog is a completely static website hosted on Amazon AWS S3, served by Cloudfront. The domain name is registered on Route53, and the configuration is (almost) on a CloudFormation template, which is resembled in the cover of this post

Two domains

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