Things I must do, I should do, I did, or I'd like to have on my website

  • make github repo public
    • check ALIAS and CNAME records on prod website (from to in cloudformation
    • remove marcoaguzzi from stack names
    • add a cloudformation stack for initial resources (s3 buckets)
    • remove “encryption disabled” in output artifact for s3
  • better versioning of the lambda artifacts
  • add a codepipeline project for automating the deploy of the stacks
  • write about jooQ trying SQL electron
  • record tries about bedrock and (maybe) write a post
  • check if codebuild cache is worth keeping
  • add automated tests
  • remove custom header in returning the website pages
  • move to a more modern framework, like Hugo / Jekyll
  • create a s3 private folder for authenticated users
  • explore the multilanguage in hexo, now that it works
  • rework the link section of the website
  • record tries on CV and (maybe) write a post
  • add a dns failover to better exploit dev website - can’t do with route53 pointing to cloudfront
  • add cloudformation for expenses threshold and / or alarms
  • automate the cloudformation cache invalidation after pipeline finishes
  • add descriptions for cloudfront distribution
  • check js and css SEO optimizations (embed fontawesome and removed animations)
  • better documentation of the steps to try the website and deploy it
  • add redirect from www domain to main domain
  • check cloudformation drifts
  • automate on cloudformation the deploy of the lambda that redirects the index.html on sub-pages
  • nuke the former aws production account
  • rebuild the sitemap.xml
  • reactivate lambda@edge on “prod” to align to “dev”
  • activate logging in “prod” cloudfront
  • unify the dev and prod account in one account, allowing two different processes for dev and prod website
  • use pushes on master to deploy on prod website
  • create a lambda@edge function to serve “sub-path” index.html
  • fix the missing configurations on front - end
  • redirect prod site ( to dev site
  • change 1st article logo

Things I must do, I should do, I did, or I'd like to have on my website


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