They all used to be in the links widget on the main page, but that was starting to be too crowded. This list is alphabetically ordered. A few of them will still make for the home page link widget

Link Notes
AWS cloudshell init script Handy script to access your git from AWS cloudshell
AWS Creating a CloudFront Invalidation
in CodePipeline using Lambda Actions
Create a lambda that invalidates the cache on Cloudfront
AWS Java SDK AWS Java SDK - will load to your language if there’s the translation
AWS Nuke Tool to wipe an entire AWS account
CloudDNS A free DNS provider
Cloudformation Nested Stack example Examples on nested stacks
Cloudformation URL rewrite
w/ Lambda@Edge
Example on URL rewriting using Lambdas
Hexo framework The static website nodejs framework this website is built on
Icarus template The template that’s used on this website
Maintenance page A simple maintenance page
Resume worded An AI - powered resume checker
S3 static website Java tool The tool that creates a website like this one

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